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Comfort Shoes For Women and Men

“Function and Comfort with Style!”

At ZFEET, we have selected a wide range of comfortable and stylish, yet functional shoes for your casual, dress, athletic, and orthopedic needs. We also carry slippers, sandals, and flip-flops that help further maintain alignment, which results in more comfort.

Our products have been chosen after a thorough evaluation by our manager William Watson and our board certified Pedorthist, Paul Henderson. Together, they have selected what they feel are the “best of the best” out of hundreds and hundreds of “Comfort Shoe” vendor suppliers.

Of course, there is no single “Comfort Shoe” or “Perfect Fitting Shoe” for everyone.  You can trust our professional knowledge and experience in the optimal selection and fit of your shoes.

A comfortable shoe comes from ideal function as well as fit.

There is no such thing as a perfect fit.  Cushion, softness, memory foam and gel are not what provides ideal comfort in the shoe. Shoes, unlike feet (unless custom molded to your feet), come in symmetrical shapes and sizes. 

Our feet are not usually symmetrical, just like the rest of our body. Thus, it is impossible to have a pair of pre-made shoes that perfectly fit your feet. However, with the aid of our experienced pedorthists, we can help you fit your feet with the ideal shaped shoe with ideal function to give you the most comfort. It is “Ideal Fit” that gives you the best chance at comfort.

Ideal fit not only includes matching shapes of the shoes to your feet but also matching the bottom of your feet. The arch length, the length from your heel to the ball of your foot needs to be matched to the area of the shoe that bends. A quality comfort shoe will bend only at the ball of the foot. This helps aid normal support and function of the foot.

Furthermore, the insert in the shoe needs to match your feet. Many comfort shoes come with their own insert. This may work for some as it is a close match to their feet, but for others they may need to replace the inserts with a pre-made or custom orthotic.

Diabetic Shoes and Insurance

Many people have difficulty finding a facility that will professionally fit diabetic shoes AND bill insurance. That is because those facilities are few and far between. Typically, places that bill insurance will have you order from a catalog e.g., a doctor’s office.

By not billing insurance, not only are we able to provide you with a greater selection to choose from but our certified pedorthist will professionally measure your feet to find the ideal fit for you.

We Fit Feet… Not Shoes!

If you have searched and searched but can't find a shoe that fits properly; Let our Pedorthist do the tough job of finding you the shoe that matches your bio-mechanics and unique needs.  

Schedule an appointment with our Shoe Expert today.  You don't have to live with foot pain.

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Comfort Shoe Brands and Styles

Dress and Casual Comfort Shoes

When looking for dressy or casual shoes, our clients seem to favor Vionic, Aetrex, Naot, and Finn Comfort.

Vionic and Aetrex have pre-made arch supports built into the shoe. Both brands have a wide variety of styles ranging from sandals for the beach to high heels or dress shoes for work.

Naot and Finn Comfort are also a popular choice. These are beneficial to those who wear custom orthotics as most foot beds are removable. This allows you to replace the foot beds with your own custom made shoe inserts.

Athletic Shoes

We typically recommend New Balance, Saucony and  Brooks Running Shoes for our clients. Brooks has many different models ranging from neutral to maximum support. This allows us to help many different foot types whether you over pronate (roll in) or supinate (roll out). We also have Vionic athletic shoes and Xelero.

Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes have drastically improved through the years. We have many different styles and sizes to accommodate the most difficult foot. Whether you need extra width for a foot orthotic or extra depth for a brace, we can help.  We have an excellent variety of orthopedic shoes; Including, Apex, Aetrex, Vionic, Orthofeet, Drew Shoe, Spenco and many more.

Brands We Carry


Brands We Carry

apex comfort shoesvionic shoesnaot shoesdrew shoesaetrex shoesfinn comfort shoesirish setter work bootsbrooks shoesjoya shoesxelero shoesbirkenstock shoestaur and johnson shoesneil m footwear

Ready for new Shoes? Schedule an appointment with ZFEET to get measured for your new comfort shoe.

Excited for new Shoes? Schedule an appointment with ZFEET to get measured for your new comfort shoe.

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